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The 4 Elements of Cold Calling

Mastering the elements is the key to your success!

The 4 Elements of Cold Calling that One Must Master

To be successful at cold calling:

  1. The Cold Calling Agent – You must have a thoroughly-trained agent that can build rapport and sound local to the area that you’re calling. Call Motivated Sellers is THE BEST source for cold
    calling agents!
  1. The Data – You must have accurate reliable data that gets your agent in touch with motivated sellers. That is where Motivated Data comes-in. We pack lists full of motivated sellers!
  2. The Dialing Platform – Power dialers are a must, but not all are created equal. Many power dialing platforms are investing in advancing the technology of their product, and others are not. Ask us which platforms we recommend by booking a time with us HERE.
  3. The Caller IDs – Caller IDs are getting flagged as “Spam Likely” by cellphone providers more f requently than ever, making it harder and harder to connect with homeowners, because many people see “Spam Likely” on their cellphone screen and simply do not answer. This can be countered by specific strategies that include using many numbers, changing them out regularly, manually
    checking the numbers, and by buying them f rom a reliable source. Ask us more about how to prevent issues with Caller IDs by clicking HERE to schedule an appointment with our cold calling

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