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If Chuck Norris was an Investor!

We want to see you crushing deals!

Let’s breakdown the top lists that are guaranteed to have your agent sending in all of those motivated deals!

OK first of all, there is not one perfect list that checks all the boxes that you should spend all of your time focusing on. There are several that are known to produce amazing results, but extensive data testing suggests that there is not one specific type of list that is superior to the others.

Meaning … you gotta dial them all! So, here are the top lists that we recommend that will have your agent producing the most motivated leads.


If the property has been vacant for any length of time, the owner is losing big money! There is legit motive in a vacant list!


These lists always produce! But they tend to be smaller lists and may take a little while to finally close.

Driving For Dollars

These lists don’t necessarily have a specific motive, but the properties are known to be in some sort of physical distress and likely need a lot of work.

Tax Default

If there is equity in the home and the owner is currently in a bad tax situation, this can be a really nice combination for a cash deal!


Due to the simple fact that elderly people have existed longer means that they are more likely to have owned their home longer. Which then equates to the fact that they are more likely to have equity in their
property, AND the property is more likely to need some work.

Of course there are others, and each of these have their strengths and weaknesses … But these 5 lists are guaranteed to keep the leads flowing.

Also, one of the best ways to keep the leads flowing, is to keep your data fresh! What we mean by that is … Your agent will have the best success if data is being pulled for him/her at least on a monthly basis.

The great news is … Motivated Data offers this service! We can keep fresh data loaded into your agent’s dialing platform for you. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium
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