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Cold Calling – Which Dialer Are You Using?

We breakdown which dialing platforms are getting the most results!

Great News! Nobody has to use a rotary dial telephone anymore these days …

There are several multi-line dialing programs available for efficient cold

MOJO has been the tried and true workhorse for so many cold callers for a number of years. I can only imagine how many millions of dollars of deals that have been closed from this program.

Other companies like CallTools and Batchdialer then came on the scene, and offered things like up-to a 10-line dialer, plus automatic Caller ID matching, rotation and testing.

Xencall rebranded to ReadyMode and also must have re-designed their dialing mechanism because we were able to observe new rates of contact never seen before.

Now recently MOJO has came out with a new system of whitelisting Caller IDs which makes it to where a name comes up on the cellular phone of the recipient, instead of just a random number or perhaps “Spam Likely”.

We’re staying on the edge of cold calling trends, and we want to share with you!

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