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Dude! Where ‘ s My Data?

Look no further! We’ve got all your Data Needs!

To get the most out of your agent and dialing program, you
gotta feed them …

Times have changed, and technologies continue to advance. And our cold calling dialing platforms that we all use to land those motivated sellers are advancing as well.

In the past, with single-line dialers we were happy if an agent was able to talk to a good 20 or so homeowners in a shift. Then with the advancement of triple-line dialers we started to see incredible
increases where it was possible for an agent to talk to 90 homeowners in 4 hours. Now, the future is upon us and some platforms have advanced so much that our agents can talk to over 100 homeowners in that same time period.

That’s great news! We all know it’s a numbers game, right? The more people we talk to, the more leads we get, and the more deals we close. But … as a result of these programs being so efficient, they
demand more data.

Some previous dialing platforms were known to dial through around 4 thousand records per month for a part-time agent (20-hours/week). But now, with the onset of the more advanced dialing platforms
such as ReadyMode, BatchDialer and CallTools, the number appears to be more like 6 to 8 thousand records per month per part time dialing agent.

Can the agent dial on less? Yes, of course! But keeping fresh data for your agent to dial on a regular basis is guaranteed to boost your motivated lead generation!

Contact us now to talk about how we can automate and boost your lead generation today!

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